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Remote tunnel rescue phone system design

2023-02-20 09:27:31

Shenzhen Yuan Tong Modern Technology Co.

        Abstract】 For the solution of wired emergency telephone in railroad long and extra-long tunnel emergency communication, the system structure, equipment composition and system function requirements are discussed in detail.

        【Key words】 Tunnel emergency telephone, tunnel center equipment, tunnel host, emergency telephone terminal

        I. Demand analysis

        In recent years, with the large-scale construction of national high-speed railroads, the number of long tunnels is increasing dramatically. Railroad tunnels are mostly in mountainous areas with complex geological environment, earthquakes, ground collapse, flash floods, landslides, mudslides and other geological disasters occur from time to time, which can easily lead to the destruction of tunnel structures, burying lines and other problems, and can easily lead to secondary disasters. And the tunnel is located in a relatively remote area, the equipment is in a long-term unattended state, daily maintenance is difficult. When a catastrophic emergency occurs inside the tunnel, how to ensure that the railroad command center at all levels of integrated command of the disaster site, especially to ensure a minimum of voice communication security, it becomes a problem that requires attention.

        Voice communication is the most basic needs, is also an essential mode of communication, in the normal traffic and transport communications such as dispatching communications, wireless communications outside the need to supplement the tunnel emergency telephone, as a backup for traffic communications and emergency communication resources, in the event of an emergency, emergency site personnel can find the tunnel telephone terminal, in the shortest possible time the time of the accident, the location, the accident vehicle, the type of disaster and other general Report with the relevant departments to avoid secondary accidents and strive for timely rescue; at the same time, the emergency command center and rescue process of the relevant departments also use this equipment to locate the accident site, remote and emergency two-way communication site.

        Second, the system solution

        Tunnel emergency telephone communication system to solve the tunnel in the emergency control center and the tunnel personnel communication, using a fully digital, IP communication technology and design, with a rich communication interface, can be integrated with most of the communication network.

        The design based on IP technology makes it possible to keep in touch between the host in the tunnel and the emergency control center at all times, without distance limitation between the two, which makes it possible for a road bureau to control multiple tunnels in real time.

        The tunnel accident alarm telephone system consists of tunnel center equipment, tunnel host, in-tunnel telephone terminal and transmission and other equipment.

        Tunnel center equipment: as the core of the tunnel accident alarm telephone system, usually set up in the road bureau emergency command center, by the tunnel switch, tunnel emergency center master console, sub-console, network management system and other components. Its functions mainly include: control function, exchange function, scheduling function, alarm positioning, etc.

        At present, the emergency command center of each road bureau is under construction. If the emergency duty room cannot be manned 7*24 hours, sub-consoles can be set up at the dispatcher and duty desk of the dispatching section of the tunnel belonging to the tunnel according to the actual application to receive and dispose of alarms.

        The tunnel center equipment can be interconnected with the dispatching system through the standard signaling interface, using the dispatching console of the section to realize two-way voice communication with the accident alarm telephone terminal in the tunnel.

        Tunnel host: The tunnel host is placed in the base station room near the entrance and exit of the tunnel and is interconnected with the tunnel center equipment using IP networking. Using the tunnel host remote power supply common way to access the tunnel alarm phone, according to the alarm phone power consumption and cable diameter, usually 3 * 4 * 0.9 cable can support 12KM long tunnel alarm phone access, common line can access 26 alarm phone terminals.

Tunnel length such as more than 20 km, the tunnel host can be placed in the tunnel equipment integrated cavern room, due to the harsh environment of the tunnel equipment integrated cavern room, so the tunnel host is required to have dustproof and waterproof level of IP65 or more.

        Emergency telephone terminal in the tunnel: a special telephone terminal with hands-free, one-key direct, sound and light alarm prompts. Usually placed every 500 meters interval in the tunnel to avoid car holes, escape routes, shelters. In more than 20 km tunnel, the middle refuge using encryption cross channel, usually 50 meters need to set a. The emergency telephone itself only considers the call that is through, as well as the safety and convenience of maintenance, without another local power supply, completely by the tunnel host remote power supply.

        Third, the system application

        3.1 Meet the requirements of the tunnel environment

        The harsh operating environment of equipment in the tunnel requires the high level of technical design, excellent manufacturing process and strict selection of equipment materials to make the communication terminal have strong environmental adaptability and anti-electromagnetic interference in the electrified section.

        At the same time, the number of terminal equipment in the tunnel should have a high MTBF to reduce the number of maintenance personnel fault maintenance and ensure that normal train operation is not affected.

        3.2 Meet the requirements of the emergency command process

        Tunnel accident alarm phone with a key straight through: terminal alarm, high priority, call that pass, the accident site personnel do not need to answer, that is, the emergency telephone terminal of a key call to the console at the dispatcher (or duty officer), once the emergency situation occurs in the tunnel, the tunnel personnel use the emergency telephone terminal a key call, the dispatcher (or duty officer) at the console ringing, can answer the alarm. The console can also call the tunnel emergency telephone terminal at any time by pressing a key, and can realize all the functions within the tunnel emergency telephone system, such as single call, sequential call, group call, broadcast, forced insertion (forced insertion of a group of calls), forced demolition and other functions.

        Emergency command center total console, and dispatcher sub-control with location positioning: the console displays the geographical coordinates of the location of the alarm accident and the name of the tunnel.

        When the total console of the emergency command center starts to use, in the tunnel emergency telephone system, set the emergency telephone terminal of a key call to the console at the emergency command station, after which the console and the tunnel personnel can call each other to talk, and can achieve all the normal functions of the tunnel emergency telephone system, polling broadcast to find people, etc. After dealing with the emergency, when the console at the emergency center stops working, then in the tunnel emergency telephone system, point to the console at the dispatcher (or duty officer) again.

        3.3 Moderate integration with the dispatching system

        Currently, the densest travel interval can reach 7 minutes. In the signaling system, the distance of the occlusion section is about 1km on average (1.2-1.5km for passengers only). When a train stops in the tunnel due to a fault more than a set occlusion interval length from the cave entrance, assuming that the dispatcher cannot be alerted in the first place and take a transfer, then after 7 minutes, there is a possibility that a trailing train will enter the tunnel and stop. For double line tunnels, the trailing train will also enter the tunnel. This situation is extremely unfavorable to rescue and passenger evacuation. So the first call to the tunnel emergency alarm should be to the dispatcher. Dispatching console, station duty desk in the tunnel emergency phone call in, should have a prompt tone and screen display logo, remind the dispatcher, station duty officer timely processing of the relevant call request, and then according to the emergency accident disposal plan to the emergency command center, that is, the tunnel emergency phone system and the dispatching communication system need to have standard interface interoperability.

        In summary, the railroad tunnel emergency telephone communication system provides in the case of wireless system failure, through the wired tunnel emergency telephone system in the first time can be accurate, timely return voice and incident location information to the command center, and receive the command center command and dispatch, become the last reliable communication guarantee in the tunnel emergency rescue.

        Fourth, the tunnel emergency comprehensive disaster prevention communication system development direction discussion

        4.1 Emergency rescue level station and tunnel escape channel set broadcast

        Tunnel emergency broadcast system can realize remote broadcast communication, can provide remote command services for emergency rescue. Especially when there is no lighting or poor effect of lighting system at the scene, the broadcast system can be used to issue orders and indicate evacuation direction for the scene. However, its solution is only applied in road tunnels, and there is no application case in railroad tunnels for the time being. In the tunnel broadcasting system, the echo effect of multiple speakers in the tunnel is serious, and there is no better processing technology, resulting in poor sound effect, serious echo and unclear hearing. Therefore, at this stage, a new emergency broadcasting system in the tunnel should be considered according to the specific environmental needs, but the base station transmission equipment should be reserved for the emergency broadcasting transmission channel, so as to reserve the conditions for the system construction after the technology is mature.

        4.2 Intelligent system design for railroad tunnels

        Long tunnels over 20 km need to have tunnel intelligent monitoring system, mainly including: real-time video monitoring in the tunnel, power distribution parameters detection, automatic fire alarm, lighting, ventilation, emergency telephone, environmental monitoring, traffic control and other subsystems. Among them, the establishment of tunnel network video monitoring system can real-time monitoring of the tunnel evacuation channel and tunnel entrance and exit, timely detection of various abnormalities and take emergency measures to ensure the safe operation of the tunnel.

        Central monitoring center is the core of the whole tunnel intelligent monitoring system, its functions mainly include: information collection function, information processing and release function, control function, alarm processing function, report statistics and printing function, query function, automatic data backup and system recovery function, automatic backup function, networking function and network management functions.

        It realizes the control functions of signal lights, automatic fire alarm and emergency broadcasting in the tunnel approach area, tunnel area and entrance/exit area to close the tunnel area and guide the evacuation of people. Through the monitoring of smoke, temperature and video in the tunnel, the occurrence of disaster is foreseen. In case of an accident, through the control command platform, the tunnel emergency escape instructions can be issued, and start the tunnel signs, radio, tunnel fans and other equipment operation.

        V. Conclusion

        Tunnel is a special section on the railroad, the space environment is narrow, harsh environment, poor vision, there are potential accident hazards. The program should be designed with highly reliable equipment to ensure trouble-free operation time of the system, and to develop a perfect control scheme and flexible control strategy for the site conditions to ensure the safety of traffic.