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Network Intercom Solution

2024-01-09 09:31:23

Network Intercom Solution


1. System characteristics

1) Environmental adaptability

Emergency call terminals are made with excellent craftsmanship and have strong environmental adaptability, and can work stably in the environments of high dust, high noise, humidity, high temperature and low temperature, as well as strong acid and alkali.

2) Anti-interference

Good circuit and grounding design, so that the system is not affected by the railroad strong electromagnetic interference, to ensure that the normal call, all-digital design, line transmission signal system for the FSK (frequency shift keying) signal, IP communication technology design, with a wealth of communication interfaces, can be integrated with the majority of communication networks.

3) Easy operation

Emergency call terminal supports one key to trigger a call to the control center, after the call is triggered, the control center will control the call process, which is convenient for the control center to deal with the emergency situation.

4) One-to-one intercom function

In case of emergency, the tunnel personnel can directly call the remote control platform, the accident alarm telephone console and the emergency command console through the nearby telephone terminals and make a call.

When the tunnel personnel press the call button on the telephone terminal to call the remote control platform, at this time in the center of the console the corresponding button will flash accompanied by an incoming ringtone, the call status display area will show the terminal internal number and location information, the center personnel can determine the specific location of the tunnel personnel, you can answer the call with the tunnel personnel.

When the control platform knows the specific location of a tunnel personnel need to talk, you can directly operate the corresponding single call key to call, the tunnel staff off the phone after both sides of the call.

5) Sequential call function

When the control platform needs to talk to the personnel in a tunnel but cannot determine the specific location, it can enable sequential call.

When the operator selects a tunnel on the remote console and activates the "Sequential Call" function, the tunnel communication terminal will be alerted in the way of "one by one downward, sequential ringing", and the personnel in the tunnel will be able to talk with the control center by taking off the phone.

6) Multi-party call function

The system supports multiple tunnel wired telephone extensions in the same tunnel or multiple tunnel wired telephone extensions in multiple tunnels to talk to the remote control center at the same time, and there is no limitation on the number of multi-party calls.

7) Group call and all call function

The system supports the remote control console to call the tunnel telephone terminals within the jurisdiction of the group or all call, the grouping method has no restrictions. The system supports priority call, insertion and removal functions. Calls to tunnel wired telephone extensions from remote control platforms, telephone operation consoles, emergency command consoles, etc. can be set to different priorities, and high-level calls can be inserted or removed forcibly from low-priority calls.

8) Caller Control Function

When a tunnel wired telephone extension is set to caller control, after the tunnel wired telephone extension initiates a call, the called party cannot actively dismantle the call unless the caller actively hangs up.

9) Inbound queuing function

The remote control platform has a call-in queuing function, when multiple tunnels call the center console at the same time, the system will automatically queue up the calls according to the call-in time, waiting for the operator to answer one by one.

10)Recording function

The system has recording function, which can make real-time recording, query and return visit to the call conversation.

11) Centralized maintenance management function

The system is configured with a centralized maintenance management terminal, which carries out centralized management and maintenance for the tunnel wired telephone center equipment, remote control platform, telephone operator console, tunnel host and telephone terminals. It has the functions of daily management, configuration management, fault management and security management. Each device carries out self-inspection, self-testing and self-diagnosis for each part of itself at any time or at regular intervals, and reports to the higher-level system in time when problems are found.

2. Functional characteristics

1)Adopting fiber optic cable transmission, the communication distance without relay can be extended to 80KM, which can meet the use of any subway tunnel;

2)Adopting the fiber optic networking method, it completely solves the interference problem in the analog era, and the reliability and accuracy of communication is greatly improved;

3) It can be easily realized to extend the network port, which is convenient for any network equipment access in the era of Internet of Things;

4) adopts the mainstream IP network protocol as the main communication protocol, with the network port (or WIFI) as the main interface, the transmission distance extends indefinitely, and where there is a network connection, it can realize intercom, broadcast multi-party calls, and construct a wider range of information communication system;

5) As the telephone terminal adopts the latest SIP protocol IP telephone technology, WEB remote maintenance, remote management, remote upgrade and other new age technologies can be realized in one step across;

6)Monitorable, support three-way pass, secret language, call forwarding and other features

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