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Enterprise High-End IP Phones
Enterprise High-End IP Phones

Enterprise High-End IP Phones

Item No.: YT-X700

MOBILE: +86 018924638894

Product features

1.7-inch color screen design, to bring users a better user experience, convenient operation, at your fingertips 

2. Modern and simple appearance, cost-effective design concept, high-resolution TFT color display, providing a rich visual experience                              

3. Support H.264 video decoding, can be bound to the camera, accept video calls, view the video of the access control side through the main screen of the phone, to achieve remote door opening and interconnection

4. Built-in Bluetooth 4.2, can be connected to WiFi through WiFi dongle

5. Support six-party voice conference, efficient collaboration

6. Gigabit Ethernet - adaptive 10/100/1000Mbps network port, providing high-speed network transmission, support PoE power supply

7. Virtual programmable keys - can dynamically display 4 paging, each page can be set to display the status of 29 DSS keys, supporting up to 127 DSS keys for custom configuration. Each DSS key can be set to Line/BLF/Speed dial extension, etc.