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Visualized high-end business phone
Visualized high-end business phone

Visualized high-end business phone

Item No.: YT-C600

The YT-C600 is a new generation of high-performance SIP intelligent business multimedia video phone, providing business people with an immersive HD audio and HD video call experience, allowing users to enjoy high-quality audio and video conferencing. The BTH58 allows you to have a comfortable and convenient office experience, free from the distance constraints of traditional phones, you can move freely within 10 meters of the phone, greatly increasing office flexibility. This smart business phone is based on the new interface of Android 9, with optimized UI interaction design, good compatibility and more powerful functions, and a more concise business interface, which can greatly improve work efficiency. At the same time, it also supports binding video access control, when a guest visits, you can see at a glance, remote door opening to achieve true interconnection.

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Product features

1. Handle upgrade

The YT-C600 supports a new Bluetooth wireless joystick so you can continue talking away from your desk. The Bluetooth joystick BTH58 supports 10% packet loss and provides up to 17 hours of talk time and 46 hours of standby time, giving you not only clear voice communication, but also a more open and flexible way to work.

2. New Android operating experience

YT-C600 is based on Android 9 operating system, which inherits the advantages of the previous generation phone and is compatible with more third-party APPs, bringing more convenience to users. In addition, the newly designed UI interaction interface is more concise and businesslike, and more convenient and smooth to use.

3. HD audio and video

YT-C600 has high fidelity sound quality, plus advanced noise cancellation technology and support for Opus sound coding, so that the phone can achieve high-definition sound quality under different network bandwidth. The YT-C600 has a 5.0 megapixel HD pluggable camera with 720P for video calls and better exposure, noise, clarity, white balance, and field of view than its predecessor. The rotatable LCD screen design and high-definition audio and video experience make communication easier.

4. High security performance

YT-C600 adopts Arm TrustZone technology, which can greatly improve the security of various ARM-based data and applications and establish a reliable security defense system. The upgraded version of Android system adds firmware and data encryption for more security. And the phone's authority management and control is stricter and more detailed, making the system and application data more secure.