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Hosted cable-based solutions

2024-01-11 09:13:15

Hosted cable-based solutions


System main function features

1Adopting simple cable laying method, safe electrical structure, convenient operation mode, fast broadcasting call/intercom and close to maintenance-free.

2Using common line transmission technology, each user only needs a pair of ordinary telephone lines, can simultaneously transmit voice, broadcasting, power feeds, maintenance is more convenient and save engineering investment.

3Centralized switchboard is placed in 19" standard cabinet with strong expandability. The following interface modules can be added to the system when needed: telephone interface (analog, ISDN, DECT), radio interface (radio, microwave), video interface.

4, the system adopts digital switching network, computer two-level decentralized control mode, the scheduling command, computer networks and broadcast calls and office automation into one.

5It adopts ISDN technology for data transmission, and can be monitored and managed remotely through Modem. With continuous fault detection function, rapid and clear diagnosis of fault memory, fault content through the PC or printer display.

6System realizes non-blocking communication, menu programming for call function, call relationship and volume adjustment.

7The center switchboard is equipped with maintenance terminal and recording function.

8, the system has multi-party teleconferencing, a key through, a machine with multiple numbers, forced insertion, forced detachment, number display, hold, transfer, manual dialing, alarm clock, hot line, intelligent outgoing, a variety of trunks mixed mode convergence, voice intelligent succession, isotropic dialing, voice query and other functions. 

9, the system has fault automatic warning and fault automatic processing function, any one station failure will not affect the work of other stations. 

10, the user stations can be full-duplex calls, broadcasting functions, and can realize three-way and multi-party calls.

11, the system can provide general user, broadcast user, loop relay and other common interfaces, but also provide digital trunking interface, support No. 7 signaling (TUP, ISUP), QSIG, 30B + D PRI, No. 1 signaling, etc., used for networking with other communications systems.