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City/campus/scenic area IP intercom program

2024-01-11 09:18:28

City/campus/scenic area IP intercom program

With the development of education, the scale of the school continues to expand, the student density continues to rise, coupled with the degree of openness of the campus and the increasing socialization of logistical services, resulting in more and more campus conflicts.

On the other hand, students in the immature stage, self-protection awareness is poor, which leads to campus safety accidents fell, according to the authority of the investigation shows that the cases of endangering campus safety, infringement of students' rights and interests is becoming increasingly prominent, all kinds of illegal and criminal scene for the campus is on the rise, the campus safety has become a hot issue of great concern to the community. Effectively solve the current problems of campus security, to ensure campus safety, has become an important proposition to create a safe work. It is also an inevitable demand to practice the "security concept".

Therefore, to carry out the "Safe Campus" creation activities, is to comprehensively strengthen the school safety management, maintain the normal order of education, teaching and life in schools, to ensure the personal and property safety of teachers and students, to create a safe, stable, civilized and healthy environment for educating people is a fundamental work. Civilization progress, science and technology first, Shenzhen Yuantong adhering to the "science and technology make teaching" concept, relying on advanced technology, elaborate research and development, launched a new set of safe campus video system solutions, the audio and video combined, more effective supervision of campus security violence.

1)Help Alarm: helpers encountered robbery, personal injury with the alarm device to the nearby monitoring center emergency alarm.

2) deterrent shouting: monitoring center or district police station in the monitoring center found anomalies, you can take the initiative to shout to deter or drive away criminals.

3Video monitoring linkage: When initiating intercom or triggering alarm well, it can linkage display the video of the associated camera of the terminal.

4Emergency consultation: When the monitoring center is talking with the helpers, it can invite other personnel (including security guards, police, etc.) to join in the multi-party consultation through the emergency consultation emergency mechanism.

5Broadcasting: It can realize shouting broadcasting, emergency broadcasting and music broadcasting to single point or sub-district of the precinct.

6Listening and recording: call recording, 24-hour audio synchronization video.


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