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Excavation tunnel IP broadcast scheduling system

2023-01-08 14:12:05

Data from the Ministry of Transport shows that by the end of 2016, there were 15,181 highway tunnels and 14,039,700 meters nationwide. Emergency telephone is the main component of information collection in the operation management system of highway tunnels. In case of traffic abnormalities or major accidents in the tunnels, travelers can quickly notify the tunnel management personnel to request rescue and fast troubleshooting actions through the emergency telephone. Traditional emergency telephone system has transmission distance limitation, multi-level management, vulnerable to interference, poor stability, unclear voice effect and other problems.

With the deepening of tunnel excavation, the communication signal between the cave and the outside world is interrupted, and the emergency telephone can meet the communication link between the working surface and the outside world, and meet the needs of production scheduling, emergency rescue and emergency treatment. When the construction personnel inside the tunnel in case of emergency, they can use the emergency phone configured inside the tunnel to ask for help from the center. The central telephone server accepts the call from the telephone, and establishes the call connection between the duty room and the emergency telephone. The operator can call any of the road phone, but also through the software to click to dial or broadcast; the system uses wireless for transmission, greatly reducing the communication line by digging end failure rate; the system has call recording and query function. The system can realize cave operation surface and mixing station.

Far EasTone joint solution partners have launched a new generation of integrated management system integrating emergency telephone intercom and broadcasting, which is composed of emergency telephone console (including application control system, Xuntime convergent communication platform, duty telephone, etc.), transmission fiber optic cable and emergency telephone substation.

With a powerful and practical API interface, the FarStone converged communication platform can send all kinds of information from the extensions to the application control system, and the commands from the application control system to each extension are sent through it.

* Users press the emergency phone button to call to the on-duty extension group with one key

* The console operator answers the caller in time to establish a call

* Each call is recorded

Solution Value

IP digital signal transmission with fiber optic network, abandoning the traditional program-controlled telephone needs to lay a large number of analog telephone lines and difficult to troubleshoot the risk of failure, with high transmission speed and high stability, but also facilitate the subsequent expansion of incremental capacity can be set up to answer the group of duty officers; duty officers are not in the seat, support the transfer of incoming calls to their cell phones, to ensure that calls are not missed in the entire call recording, the later can be queried, open API interface, to provide users with cost-effective access to the late business      

1 The management center can call the corresponding extension inside the tunnel at will, and can make individual calls, group calls and group calls to the broadcast.

2 The management center sends sound and light alarm signals and broadcast notifications to the extensions in the promised coverage when the tunnel needs to be cleared

3 extension support a key call, a key alarm, the management center can realize the receipt of the corresponding tips and records, continuous follow-up processing.

4 Real-time display of system extension status, realize online software upgrade, network remote control can be realized for terminal failure or status.

5Only need to configure the server, alarm phone and dispatching phone in the tunnel, and they can talk and dispatch each other in the same LAN.