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Clean room phone
Clean room phone

Clean room phone

Item No.: YT-IPJMT12

The panel and keyboard keys are made of stainless steel, speakers and microphones are microporous, the keys are covered with transparent PVC film, the surface is completely flat, waterproof, dustproof and can be cleaned and sterilized, hands-free intercom, no need to take off the phone, avoid contact with pollution. The embedded installation design takes no space.

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Product features

1. Case: SUS304 stainless steel, surface wire drawing treatment, wear resistance and corrosion resistance strong 

2. The shell has earthing device and is completely isolated from the internal circuit, and has certain electromagnetic shielding effect. 

3. Send the receiver, Keys, circuit board, all the shell accessories using multi-layer waterproof, dust-proof structure.

4. The phone buttons are made of stainless steel with a contact resistance of 30 ohms or less. Service life ≥5 million times, pressure 160-200 g; 

5. The telephone has good stability and strong anti-interference ability, and conforms to the national standard GB/T 15279-94

6. Clear Voice, loud voice, no feedback howling 

7. The whole machine is thin, light, beautiful and built-in design 

8. Can store two groups of speed dial numbers, terminal customers can set up their own through Internet Explorer

 9. Manual free dialing, direct dialing with the end of the # number can call out 

10. After calling hang up machine, the machine automatically hung up, not busy line

11.Support for the standard SIP protocol 

12.Incoming calls can be answered automatically and you can listen to live audio 

13. Full-duplex hands-free (HF)

14. Smart DSS keys (speed dial)

15. Support for Poe power supply without external power supply 

16. One-click broadcast IP, Easy Operation 

17. 304 stainless steel, Peracetic acid finish 

18. No hole larger than 0.2 mm in diameter can be found on the whole panel to prevent the adhesion of grey layer and water droplets

19.Protection level: IP54


1. One-button Dial: Press the emergency call button, the machine will automatically connect to the pre-stored telephone numbers. 

2. Automatic hanging: this machine can hang up automatically when the caller hangs up. 

3. One-click emergency telephone panel with a unique anti-theft design. The whole machine has high reliability, most of which are imported accessories. The machine has the characteristics of long service life, simple operation, strong waterproof and dustproof, no maintenance and so on.

Detailed parameters

1. Size: 250 * 150 * 35mm 

2. Embedded Size: 225 * 125 * 35mm

3. Weight: 2 kg 

4. Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel 

5. Communication protocol: standard SIP 

6. Installation: Embedded 

7.Power supply: Poe or DC12V optional power supply