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Touchscreen dispatcher
Touchscreen dispatcher

Touchscreen dispatcher

Item No.: YT-DT22

The special industrial control embedded motherboard of the touch-screen dispatcher adopts the high-performance embedded ARM processor. The touch screen adopts industrial-grade high-definition digital all-directions visible LCD touch screen (TFT true color) , LCD brightness can be adjusted, the viewing angle can be adjusted according to needs. The size of the touch screen is 22 inches. Special size touch screen can be customized. With a graphical interface to support the touch screen and the mouse at the same time operation. Appearance Concise, Generous, is the future of the management of scheduling preferred products.

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Product features

1.Built-in audio function to call voice alerts.

2.Operation Information prompt, man-machine friendly sound, picture prompt.

3. Point call, group call, full call, forced insertion, forced demolition, monitoring and so on.

4. Sound and light prompt function, emergency phone priority.

5.The scheduling interface is intuitionistic, the interface turns pages, the operation is convenient.

6.Schedule Monitoring, management, function setting. 

7. Monitor the status of communications and keep inquiries for missed calls.

Detailed parameters

1. Integrated Dispatch desk with built-in dual handles. 

2. It supports the communication scheduling of all kinds of communication terminals in the communication system. 

3. 21.5′ capacitive screen touch screen, keyboard dispatching machine, 10-point capacitive touch control.

4.Adjustable video angle, maximum angle of 65 degrees. 

5. Intel J19002.0 GHz processor, DDR34G memory, 1T hard disk. 

6. Interface: 3 serial port, 4USB.

7. Power Supply AC220V