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Fiber optic telephone host
Fiber optic telephone host

Fiber optic telephone host

Item No.: YT-Z09/3 FI

Industrial design, mainly used in a variety of industrial occasions, especially suitable for analog telephone, IP telephone transmission distance is not enough occasions, the system is mainly used in highway tunnels, urban integrated duct, the monitoring center only needs to be equipped with a fiber-optic telephone access host to access the standard SIP scheduling system, simple and flexible to use, strong compatibility, debugging and maintenance is simple.

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Product features

1.Cold-rolled steel material, strong and durable, good sealing, outdoor anti-ultraviolet powder coating

2. Equipped with anti-damage earpiece, for answering the phone, the use of imported PC and ABS composite materials 

3.Equipped with digital physical keyboard, support with any designated terminal for full-duplex Intercom 

4. Use Teflon, acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, no fire 

5. Imported waterproof adhesive, high viscosity, high temperature resistance, high pressure, waterproof life of 10 years 

6.Equipment integration fusion box, one-piece design, the main equipment can be replaced without tool disassembly, maintenance 

7. Extensible External 1/3/7/15 analog telephone sub-machine (optional)

8. All parts are waterproof, dust-proof structure, IP65 protection standard 

9.Support International Standard SIP protocol, interconnect with most systems 

10.With automatic dial-out function, convenient quick alarm 

11. Echo cancellation: G. 168 supported, hands-free for 96 milliseconds 

12. Support for remote software upgrades, configuration, and monitoring 

13. Support for various speech coding protocols such as G. 711 a-law/μ-law, G. 729A, G. 723

14. Able to receive broadcasts from the Control Room 

15. Be able to initiate all area radios 

16. Wall-mounted installation design


Pick up/hang up mode:Pick-up/hook-up mode is a handle control mode, pick-up is on, hook-up is off .

answer the phone:When a call comes in, the phone rings, remove the handle and talk to the other party, hang up the handle when finished.

dial number:Remove the handle and operate it in the same way as a normal telephone to talk to the other party.

Detailed parameters

1. Power input: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz 

2. Maximum Power: 30W

3. Optical interface: 2 FC

4. LAN: 110/100 base-t RJ-45 for LAN 

5. Auxiliary Machine Interface: 2P plug-in terminal

7. SIP 2.0(RFC 3261)

8. support. Optical signal transmission power: ≥ -6 DB

9. Sensitivity of optical signal reception: ≤ -26 DB

10. Number of copilot extensions: 1/3/7/15 Optional 

11. POTS telephone lines support transmission distances of not less than 5000 meters. 

12. Feed voltage (24V to 48V) , ring current adjustable (75V to 90V) .