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IP dispatch PA phone
IP dispatch PA phone

IP dispatch PA phone

Item No.: YT-SG09/S

It is made of industrial grade cold-rolled steel, strong and durable, with good sealing performance. The special sealing design reaches IP65 protection standard. It is especially suitable for installation in high dust, damp, noise and outdoor area. Its most important and outstanding feature is that all electronic components are high and low temperature resistant industrial-grade products, so our phone can be 70 degrees to minus 40 degrees in the extreme temperature environment can still be used. This series of telephone is suitable for high-speed railway, subway, tunnel, bridge, port, wharf, airport, underground pipe corridor system, large-scale industrial and mining project dispatching calling place, power plant, large-scale chemical plant, cement plant, steel plant, oil drilling platform, oil refinery, ship berth deck, Country Park, national nature reserve, etc.

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Product features

1.Cold-rolled steel material, strong and durable, good sealing, outdoor anti-ultraviolet powder coating

2.With protective front cover, long-term use of the handle, keys clean as new

3.Anti-vandal handset,PC & ABS material,Handset with industrial strong armored cord 

4.Full keypad with memory, 10 button programmable speed-dial telephone

5.using Teflon wire, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature, anti-aging, do not catch fire

6.High quality waterproof adhesive, high viscosity, high temperature and pressure resistance, waterproof life of more than 10 years

7.convenient for users toknow the working status

8.integrated power amplifier inside, support 30W  speaker for background music and broadcasting

9.Multi-layer waterproof and dustproof construction for handles, keyboards, circuit boards, housings and other accessories IP65 protection standard

10.Support for the international standard sip protocol

11.support G.168 , hands-free keeping up to 96 ms

12.Remote software upgrade, configuration and monitoring

13.custom build PAGA systems to meet specific customer requirements

14.Wall Mounting

15.Equipped with standard RJ45 interface, as long as there is Ethernet access to the system, support for cross-segment and cross-router


 Pick up/hang up mode:Pick-up/hook-up mode is a handle control mode, pick-up is on, hook-up is off .

 answer the phone:When a call comes in, the phone rings, remove the handle and talk to the other party, hang up the handle when finished.

dial number:Remove the handle and operate it in the same way as a normal telephone to talk to the other party.

Detailed parameters

1. Adapter: Power Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60hz, power output: 12-24V/1.5A

2. Maximum Power: 30W

3. Interface: 1 × RJ45,1 × amplifier interface, 1 × power 

4. Network communication protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, SIP, IGMP, Onvif

5.Network Chip Speed: 10/100 Mbps adaptive

6. Working temperature and Humidity: -40 c ~ 70 C, ≤90% RH (no condensation)