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An IP emergency phone in a tunnel
An IP emergency phone in a tunnel

An IP emergency phone in a tunnel

Item No.: YT-SG031B

The tunnel emergency IP Telephone Broadcasting System is an integrated communication platform which combines the emergency telephone and cable broadcasting launched by Yuantong Company, that is, emergency telephone and cable broadcasting share one set of software (the same operation screen for alarm and broadcast and access to Ethernet three-layer switch, other subsystem of data request support or linkage) , share the transmission network, they are functionally independent of each other and do not affect each other. That is, the two share a host, a transmission cable, and an optical interface, which can effectively utilize and save system resources, but they are functionally independent of each other and do not affect each other, the caller can call the police and communicate with the on-duty staff of the center. The on-duty staff can also monitor the tunnel broadcast by using the on-call and off-call function of the emergency telephone.

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Product features

1. multi-functional help terminal box integrating emergency telephone, manual alarm, emergency radio and sound and light reminder in one.

2. Emergency telephone users can communicate directly with the operator of the emergency telephone control centre

3. The user can automatically send a call to the control centre console equipment after pressing the telephone button and transmit the local information.

4. Capable of providing audio and data transmission channels for tunnel broadcast cable radio systems

5. Integrated broadcasting amplifier, equipped with broadcasting amplifier module, can drive multiple broadcasting speakers

6. Broadcast function: can realize broadcast single call, group call, full call and volume adjustment function                                       

7. Support linkage with monitoring system, when triggering fire and other emergencies, fire broadcast can be played automatically

8. Clear voice, bright sound, no echo whistle when talking

9.Alarm information can be sent to the host when the door is opened illegally, which is convenient for the tunnel management station to manage and maintain

10. Enter power saving mode when the line is idle or when the call is over, reducing standby power consumption

11. Support international standard SIP protocol, can interoperate with most systems 

12. Supports one-touch hands-free calling.

13. occupies 1 IP address, can communicate across network segments and routes. 

14. Protection level: IP65. 

15.Installation: wall-mounted installation

Power amplifier features 

1. The equipment is integrated into the emergency phone box when it leaves the factory. 

2. 1 AUX input; 

3. Rated Power: 60W/120W/240W (optional)

4. 4-16 euro fixed resistance output;

5. Advanced high efficiency power amplifier circuit; 

6. Volume level 10 adjustable; 

7. Output short circuit, over current, overload protection; 

8. Frequency Response: 100 HZ-20 khz; 

9. Total harmonic distortion: less than 0.1% ; 

10. Noise ratio: 70 DB; 

11. Power supply: AC 220V/50 -60 Hz;  

Detailed parameters

1.Transmission method:TCP/IP

2.Rated sound pressure level:≧90DBA (40CM directly in front)

3.Calling voice band:300Hz-8KHz;


5. working voltage:AC220V±10%, access: power-off switch

6.Broadcast the sound and audio output :2 setS

7. Power amplifier:60w/120w/240w  (Select based on the number of broadcasts )