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Code for design requirements of wind tower IP emergency telephone

2023-01-08 14:13:44

Based on the actual communication and wind turbine infrastructure of the wind farm, this paper designs a wind turbine IP telephone intercom system with the optical fiber ring network at the bottom of the wind turbine tower as the transmission platform and the open source software Elastix as the PBX. The system adopts standard TCP/IP communication protocol, and uses voice intercom terminal to convert voice signals into standard IP packets that can be transmitted in optical fiber network, which successfully solves the communication problem of different units and main control room in the wind farm, and provides a strong guarantee for the communication of personnel in the wind farm.


In recent years, as the country continues to increase its support for wind power generation, the installed capacity of new grid connected wind power continues to increase. In the first three quarters of 2017, the newly added installed capacity of grid connected wind power was 9.7 million kW. As of September 2017, the cumulative national grid connected capacity of wind power had reached 157 million kW. Therefore, the number of domestic wind farms has increased rapidly, and the locations of wind farms are distributed throughout the country. At present, wind farm communication mainly relies on analog interphones, mobile phones and other ways to contact. However, in order to obtain high-quality wind resources, most wind farms are located in relatively remote locations with poor mobile signal coverage. Communication between the personnel in the main control room inside the site and the fan maintenance personnel is difficult. A few wind farms in mountainous areas with lush trees have blind communication areas. Based on the rapid development of computer and Internet technology, Network IP phone came into being ". The network IP phone integrates voice, intercom, video and other functions to form a professional communication system with instant messaging, video communication, video conferencing, e-mail and other communication methods. The economy of IP phone determines its wide application market, based on the IP phone system in the group office, home and military mine logistics. At present, the application of IP phone in wind turbine units of wind farms Less is used. The wind farm communication problem can be better solved by building a local network IP telephone system based on the optical fiber ring network as the backbone by using the spare optical fiber in the wind turbine. This paper designs an IP phone system based on the wind turbine ring network, and uses the Elastix software of the open source IPPBX system as the gateway to realize the intercom, voice, broadcast and other functions between the maintenance personnel of the wind farm.