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Emergency IP Command and Dispatch System for Power Industry

2023-01-08 14:12:05

The so-called electric power emergency is to quickly deal with emergencies, minimize the losses caused by power supply interruption, and quickly repair faulty equipment or lines, so as to restore power production and operation to normal. Major construction accidents, public emergencies, bad illegal operations, deliberate destruction, natural disasters, etc. are all very easy to cause large-scale power failure accidents or even grid paralysis, which are the situations that power emergency may face.

With the further development of power market and power grid construction, especially under the requirements of smart grid construction characterized by high informatization, automation and interaction, great changes have taken place in power dispatching system, which puts forward higher requirements for communication performance.

The power emergency dispatching system not only has new standards for the management of data, voice, video and other services, but also puts forward new requirements for the operation of key power services involving data acquisition, monitoring and control systems and dispatching telephones. The scheduling system, especially the traditional single host scheduling system, is difficult to meet this demand. The multimedia emergency dispatching system is well adapted to the changes of the business system, meets the increasing communication needs, and ensures the stable and reliable emergency dispatching capability of the system.

1、 System characteristics

Networking based on E1 network, centralized management and distributed deployment;

Multi level dispatching, flexible setting of dispatching level and authority of command centers at all levels;

Provide interfaces integrated with electric power business systems (video monitoring system, environmental monitoring system, etc.), cooperate with multiple businesses, and conduct unified dispatching;

Integrate the original voice network and intercom system of the power sector to protect the original investment of users;

2、 Demand analysis of power industry system

In the power system, the role of command and dispatching is more important. Using the traditional dispatching telephone, it is difficult to cover all the units that need dispatching comprehensively. The dispatcher needs to contact with the power plant, substation, power supply station and other superior and subordinate units, and adjust the operation at any time according to the production situation. The instructions are required to reach the subordinate units as quickly and accurately as possible.

At present, with the continuous improvement of the power private network, various applications based on E1 transmission can use this bearer network to play its role. While the traditional scheduling system works, the network-based scheduling system can be the best choice for system expansion and mutual backup.