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Wireless WIFI emergency telephone communication solution for integrated pipe gallery

2023-01-08 14:10:54

1、 Project requirements

In many scenarios and industries, there are underground corridor pipelines. Once the underground corridor pipeline fails or the corresponding wall bursts or other emergency failures occur,

The maintenance personnel are required to do maintenance work in the underground pipe gallery. Because the underground pipelines are distributed underground and the space is narrow and closed, the wireless signal of ISP operators is very difficult

When it is radiated into the pipeline, a substantial signal blind area is formed, so the underground maintenance personnel cannot communicate with the ground in real time during work

The process and difficulty of maintenance make the maintenance work inconvenient. In order to solve this problem, the management department hopes to establish a set of

Perfect voice communication equipment to realize voice communication between underground and ground. The system requires that voice communication will not be interrupted due to the extension of corridor distance.

At the same time, it is necessary to uniformly manage the equipment deployed in the underground corridor on the ground. Yuantong Wireless is a senior product and solution provider in WLAN industry

The company received the invitation from the customer and proposed a perfect solution for the customer

2、 System composition

Composition of wireless WIFI voice system: voice gateway, voice fixed line, WIFI mobile phone, switch, AC controller, wireless AP, wireless/wired transmission (optical

Cable and accessory or wireless bridge)

1. Voice gateway: complete voice communication and control between voice phones. 

2. Voice fixed telephone and WIFI mobile phone: voice communication terminal

3. Switches: data exchange

4. AC controller: coordinate and control the work of AP

5. Wireless AP: provide WIFI signal coverage, complete the communication with WIFI mobile phones, thus realizing the communication from WIFI mobile phones to voice fixed phones

6. Wired/wireless transmission: the signal transmission from the voice gateway to each AP node is completed by building a wireless transmission channel through optical cables or wireless bridges.